Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Win some loot!

I'm doing a giveaway on my facebook page.  You can potentially win a taco kitty tote bag, beardy man charm, xmas gift tags, sweet ass cards, stickers to put on your face, pocket manfriend number 300 Ralph, a foxy keyring and a taco time pocket mirror.  The feet are not being given away because they are mine and I need them for various things including walking and running.

Friday, October 12, 2012

It's busy, no?

It's October!  What the... this is when things start to get a little whack/my hair stops being washed/sleep rarely happens.  On top of the crazy insane businessy ness of this time of year, I'm also going away for 3 weeks in November.  So... in case I mutter nonsense to you this month, you know there are reasons beyond my normal reasons for muttering nonsense. (Lack of coffee, lack of human beings to talk to during my working day)

So I've been working on some (a lot... too many? see nonsense, above) different things - new products, new colours, kitty-based designs...


These kitties have been travelling 'round the world!  Kitty kitty kitty kitty kittyyyyyy

Have you seen these zebra coasters?! Now available in sets of two.

Taco kitty totes have been travelling worldwide! They are now sold in Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.  Have you got one? I have finally started using one myself! Did you know they got a mention in frankie magazine last year? Yeh. And Now that we mention it, I might be over on that side of the world later this month.

(Check out my retro iphone btw)  But where have I been, you say?  I've been travelling a bit!  Yes, yes.  I did a fair amount of running and swimming in Manchester, to start.  And there were trips to various places in France and the Czech Republic - for more running and swimming/eating ice cream.  But first I will probably show you more photos of cats and horses....

(This is a bag, with a horse on it:)

Speaking of running, you might be interested in the running blog I have setup.  Are you a runner? Talk to me, I want to hear you.  By the way, do you like tacos?

So yeah, and aprons got did.  Hand me the goddamn hot sauce, I have some eggs to eat.

Stay tuned for more unfinished sentences and disjointed nonsense....