Friday, October 24, 2014

Beautiful Life Quilt #2

My second quilt is now up for sale.  I finished it earlier this year and I must say it's a doozie! It measures 150cm x 100c,  made from cotton squares all designed by me. Backed with a plain grey cotton and filled with a premium cotton batting.  This quilt is roughly the size of a crib. It's lovely and warm and so soft. It has bright pink pom poms sewn to each corner and each patch is different.  Also doubles as a playmat!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Today is brought to you by the letter A! I've made the decision to abandon any further custom orders for the rest of the year.  I'm supposed to be winding down and yesterday evening as I attempted a fabric stock take on my studio floor with a 35-week preggo belly kinda getting in my way, I thought - I think it's time to draw the line!
So - if you've placed a custom order whether it be a portrait, a plushie, a doll, a house portrait or an alphabet cushion... it will be completed within the next few weeks.  If you haven't and were considering ordering one for Christmas... well, it's too late! There's loads of ready-made items available through my online shops not to mention plenty of Christmas cards waiting for you to stock up on.
Thank you for the hundreds of custom plushie orders you've placed this year... back in 2015 ready to make some more!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sewing with the help of a pretty new gadget

Last week I got a beautiful new iPad to use for work and I am loving it!

It took me about a day to open the box because it felt really special and new and I wanted to save it for when I could properly enjoy opening it up.  It's a Retina Display one which means the display is lovely and bright and colourful - and I chose to have the iPad in white because I'm a girl and I think white is pretty.

I'm in the process of trying a few illustration apps on the tablet which I wanted to share with you, but over the weekend I found my new gadget to be very helpful when I came to work on a little project I've been meaning to start for about a month so I thought I'd show you some pics...

A while back I bought a bunch of jersey fabric from my supplier in Manchester with the intention of making some blankets, burp cloths and bibs for baby M.  With Gossip Girl on in the background, a nice clean studio and plenty of decaf coffee beside me I sat on the floor with my fabric and found a step by step tutorial online which was really easy to follow on the iPad as opposed to on my phone or my desktop mac. (The cat thought he would help too. Contrary to his belief, he was not helpful whatsoever.)

This morning I just finished a batch of bibs and have yet to decide how to finish the blankets - I'm also thinking I might need to get some of my own fabric printed up to bring a few of these items to my line.  (The bibs are double sided; I just need to add a velcro fastening and give them a wash)

Anyways Argos offers free delivery on these beautiful iPads - I think you should treat yourself! I love mine already. Last night I sat on the couch after dinner and placed a re-order for some of my favourite soaps from Rockytopsoap on etsy, the shopping experience is so much nicer on this thing than from a phone or computer.

Well I'm off now to go and pack up a few more orders before it's time to eat veggie burgers and relax. We're almost at 33 weeks - can't believe how fast these 40 weeks are going!