Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

Getting stuck in

I know it's a total cliche but I LOVE JANUARY. I get bogged down in the stir-craziness of the holidays... forgetting what day it is, spending way too much time indoors (albeit getting housework done and tackling jobs we've been avoiding for a while but there comes a point where enough is enough!!) - and walking past my desk and stockroom with a sort of lustfull 'if it was nice and quiet and I didn't have a toddler at my feet I could get a little work done and feel a sense of calm satisfaction.'  December gets a little much for HSP me. (thanks to my therapist I know all about my highly sensitive person-ness)

When the calendar flips to January and all of a sudden the streets and town centre is super quiet for a few days in the New Years Day hangover I immediately come alive again, it's like there's 12 months of empty diary days to be filled with plans and friends and new work and products and exercise and fresh air.
I like to set my goodreads challenge for the year and use the cold winter nights as a reason to put pjs on early and read read read. And try to rise early for yoga in my upstairs studio.

My Spring/Summer wholesale catalogue was completed and sent out in time last week to our stockists worldwide, which is super exciting as we'll have some new products to show off online pretty soon as the orders come in.

I kicked off the year with a New Years Day Parkrun, and we were running super late that morning too so it was a nice little lesson on turning something from a potential total messup into a pretty fun challenge in starting last and seeing how many runners I could overtake.  I have a good feeling about running this year; my husband treated me to some pretty running kit and I also got sent some ace new pieces from Aldi which I think will come in handy.  They are running an equestrian event starting on Thursday - bear with me on this one - there's some nice stuff that you can pick up for use when you're training outdoors, going to and from races, or trying your first cross country event maybe.

So yeah, I'm really feeling this fresh start. A few new bits of kit, a whole stack of books to plough through and 12 months of plans to make... what could be better?

Oh and PS: if you're wanting to get involved in the Aldi event get yourself there Jan 19th-26 for a lovely selection of jackets, gilets, zip tops (shown above) as well as cozy stuff for horses and dogs! Of course.
xo Nicola