Thursday, August 9, 2012

These things happened

Pocket manfriend by Nicola Rowlands

1.  Pocket manfriend number 250 emerged on the scene.  Peter.

Nicola Rowlands etsy delivery

2.  New tote bag packaging happened and thus everything fit into my mailing boxes much nicer.  With room spare for bee stickers, of course.  

Tote bags in Nicola Rowlands studio

3.  Things got folded

Pocket mirrors by Nicola Rowlands

4.  New mirrors appeared.  Two of them.  

Coasters by Nicola Rowlands

4. These coasters have been asking me to sew them for at least one month.  There are loads now

yo bro coaster by Nicola Rowlands

Bee necklace

4.  My hair did that.  A bee necklace from Jenny Topolski was worn.  (Amazing, no?)

Boiled eggs and avocado

5.  Boiled eggs and avocado on toast became top of my list of priorities.  Get this combo in your life. 

6.  Some words were said about my things herehere and here.  

Cheese love

Jalepeno cornbread

Jalepeno cheese cornbread

Jalepeno cheese cornbread

Jalepeno cheese cornbread

I made cheesy jalepeno scones, yes I did.  Recipe here.

Embrace the cheese, give love to circular bread.

Life's good.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Get your vitamins!

Are you getting all of your essential vitamins and minerals? Use this handy chart to figure out what you're missing.  (Available as a print or card in my shop)