Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Time to boogie!

I've got a collaborative bundle of festive rad-ness to show you. Yes! I worked with someone who I've never met and we smooshed our words and colours and scraps of gristly paper together to make something brilliantly brilliant.

My homie Jenn Smith and I worked our fingers off to create these six fab Holiday cards that we hope will be the bestest thing you've ever seen.  If not, they can be used as brussell sprout serving platters, mince pie shovelling devices and very short books.  (now we're talking!)

The super duper cards are available to buy as a pack of six, or individually.  Let's all boogie to the elf dance!

PS: Get some of Jenn's amazing colours and shapes into your eyeballs on her website and get them into your pocket via her etsy shop.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Various things

What to do with this stack of bad drawings?

(sorry my blog is so disjointed)
I have new Christmas cards to show you soon...

Time for a nap I think.

Update from down under

I'm sat in my apartment in Australia trying to get the better of a stinking cold! Here's a quick update on things I've not had time to tell you about recently...

I designed some wedding invites for two loved-up hippies:
Had a clearout of my studio and got some new shelves so it's easier to get more of this done:

Some custom orders, including these cutey lovebirds with kitty ears:
I have more to show you soon! In the meantime...pass the giant bottle of water and more panadol! :(