Friday, May 29, 2015

Whey Hey!

In case you're not aware, our lives changed in December.  Our family of 2 became a trio when our awesome daughter was born and my husband and I became parents. People warned us things would change and although they did in some aspects, the things that changed for me were mostly intangible things that took me quite a while to come around to understanding.

More on our birth story and the journey of the first few months to come - but basically over the past month I've finally started to put time aside each week for headspace.  And goodness me I've become nicer and more able to cope with life.  A run, a yoga session, a nap.  A walk.  It's hard, because I'm pretty go - go - go as a personality type.  I get enjoyment from a busy schedule and I gain a sense of acheivement from ticking tasks of a list.  Hey, slow down. That's what I say to me.

Anyways. My point is... I got some of this delicious protein ice cream sent to me to try.  It's called Whey Hey and it's made with natural sweeteners, is sugar free and is a good way of getting some essential protein.  I decided to make up a bowl of the vanilla flavour as a midmorning snack, topped with almonds, chia seeds, banana and sunflower seeds.  Served with a huge jug of carrot and apple juice.  Really tasty, fulfilling and an excellent source of me-time.