Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kitties, dogs, and scribbles

Custom pocket-kitty!

Custom "I'm yours, you're mine" Rachel & Garret

Czech Dogs hangin

Issue 105 of Whitelines magazine WIP - final illustration can be seen in the December issue 2012.

UpperTiny Snail Mail

I collaborated with Jenn Smith from UpperTiny on some Holiday cards this year.  It was a wonderful thing.  My email inbox was filled with colour as our project evolved - and turns out my real life mailbox got blessed with tiny little lightning bolts (lookit the tiny little lightning bolts!) to boot.  This snail mail wins at the prettiest letter of the year contest.  Thank you Jenn and Oliver

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wedding Stationery

Earlier this year I designed some wedding stationery for a couple who got married in the Yorkshire Dales. They were lovely to work with. Here are some quick photos of the menus, thank-you cards, seating chart and placecards I created. I also did a sign that said 'please sign our guestbook' but I forgot to photo it!
You can see more of my wedding invitation/stationery designs on my website.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Czech Dogs are here.

Meet the newest pack of scoundrels that have been yapping at my heels since September.  They're a trouble-making bunch of misfits, guaranteed to dribble and bark, steal your snacks and stink out your car.

Czech Dogs are here.

There's a group of 31 of them and they're here, invading my studio and living room and looking for homes, bones and lots of attention.

 Each of these hoodlums can be identified by an ID number printed on their fabric label.  Each numbered Czech Dog, 1-31, is unique in size, colour and stinkiness.  Each Czech Dog also comes with a special DOG TAG certificate for you to fill out, and most importantly with a space for you to choose a name once you adopt your czech dog.

 Czech Dogs are handmade by ME, Nicola Rowlands.  The front fabric is a high quality heavyweight twill, and every pillow is stuffed with poly stuffing and backed with a royal blue cotton fabric.

Once you adopt a Czech Dog, get ready to welcome this stinky scoundrel into your home.  I think you'll probably need to adopt a few, so they can be up-to-no-good together.  They like to lurk around in packs.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A catch-up with St. Nick

Dear Santa, here are a few ideas.  Please and thank you. 

And while we're on the topic, I'm getting my Christmas groove on real good:

I've just got to decide on which cards to send and how many pies to eat. 

Peace christmas card by Chloe Bonfield
Every last santa card by Imaginaryanimal
Goosey card by Lucy Eldridge


Monday, December 3, 2012


Get ready to see two new tea towels. Brand new designs are these! They make perfect gifts for foodies, health addicts, or people who are lacking in tea towels.

Available to buy in my etsy shop individually or at a discounted price for two.