Monday, January 16, 2017

Getting stuck in

I know it's a total cliche but I LOVE JANUARY. I get bogged down in the stir-craziness of the holidays... forgetting what day it is, spending way too much time indoors (albeit getting housework done and tackling jobs we've been avoiding for a while but there comes a point where enough is enough!!) - and walking past my desk and stockroom with a sort of lustfull 'if it was nice and quiet and I didn't have a toddler at my feet I could get a little work done and feel a sense of calm satisfaction.'  December gets a little much for HSP me. (thanks to my therapist I know all about my highly sensitive person-ness)

When the calendar flips to January and all of a sudden the streets and town centre is super quiet for a few days in the New Years Day hangover I immediately come alive again, it's like there's 12 months of empty diary days to be filled with plans and friends and new work and products and exercise and fresh air.
I like to set my goodreads challenge for the year and use the cold winter nights as a reason to put pjs on early and read read read. And try to rise early for yoga in my upstairs studio.

My Spring/Summer wholesale catalogue was completed and sent out in time last week to our stockists worldwide, which is super exciting as we'll have some new products to show off online pretty soon as the orders come in.

I kicked off the year with a New Years Day Parkrun, and we were running super late that morning too so it was a nice little lesson on turning something from a potential total messup into a pretty fun challenge in starting last and seeing how many runners I could overtake.  I have a good feeling about running this year; my husband treated me to some pretty running kit and I also got sent some ace new pieces from Aldi which I think will come in handy.  They are running an equestrian event starting on Thursday - bear with me on this one - there's some nice stuff that you can pick up for use when you're training outdoors, going to and from races, or trying your first cross country event maybe.

So yeah, I'm really feeling this fresh start. A few new bits of kit, a whole stack of books to plough through and 12 months of plans to make... what could be better?

Oh and PS: if you're wanting to get involved in the Aldi event get yourself there Jan 19th-26 for a lovely selection of jackets, gilets, zip tops (shown above) as well as cozy stuff for horses and dogs! Of course.
xo Nicola

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2017 is just a hop skip away!

It's been a month or two since I wrote a blog post!
We've got a batch of 2017 calendars and they're beaut! Packed with 12 motivational illustrations to keep a boom boom in your step all 365 days of the year. Now available via my website, special intro price this week to boot!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016

Quilt life

I've been working on squares for a quilt for a while now and when it came to cutting them all to size I realised by George I had enough for TWO quilts.

You can follow the life of these two quilts over on my instagram hashtag #nicolaquilts, but in the meantime here's some photos of the finished pieces.

One quilt is backed with a heavyweight twill and has the saying 'don't let your dreams be dreams.' The other, my personal favourite, is backed with a fleece printed with my design - and it is SO SOFT. Spoonflower actually just started doing this fleece and I'd really recommend for blankets and quilts, it's a lovely weight and softness.

If you're thinking of giving quilting a go, do it! These two are made entirely from my own design fabrics but of course you can use anything - get creative.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Powering through

Sleep has been somewhat of a struggle this week; our 16 month old is cutting some more teeth and it's not pretty! So it's coffee on constant top-up, positive mental attitude and some bright colours to distract from the nonstop rain!  A few things that have helped perk up the week:

I have some NEW SOCKS which I am dying to use tonight on a nice long easy run... these are from Aldi - they have a running event next week - I'm going to go and pick up a few more things as the designs and colours are super nice! 
They do awesome headbands and little zippered pouches too for those long runs when you worry you might need to catch a bus home :)

Motivational tattoos: also new, I created these for fellow anxiety sufferers, phrases like 'go outside today' or 'slow down' - words that have helped me over time.  
I hope these things maybe help you power through the remainder of the week... focus on every small achievement and remind yourself you're doing JUST FINE. xoxo

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Good Life Pants

I designed the 100th edition gnappies pant! Yay... you can buy a pair over on their site.  I'm offering free shipping on all orders over £10 across my etsy shop and website, until Sunday. Just use the code GOODLIFE. yay!