Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Portrait me

While our now fourth month old (how did that happen?!) takes a power nap, I'm powering through a couple tasks in a haphazard fashion; making appointments, checking a route for this weekend's first trip to the airport for little'un, catching up with the surface of my email inbox (for the past 4 months I've not been able to get past the first page so if you emailed me a while back and I've not replied please send it again!!!)

I'm also tryyying very hard to get through a bunch of photos I took throughout last year of custom jobs I did.  Here are some pet portraits I finished.  You can order your very own through my etsy shop, it's very easy and you don't need to have your photos of your pet ready before you place your order.

Ok onto the next task. TTFN and wish us luck for our first mommy-daughter airplane trip on Saturday.  We'll be the ones at the airport 8 hours before the actual gate opens.