Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Totes for you and for me

I have designed three new tote bags.  They are now available for sale through my etsy shop!  If you use the code SCOOBYSNACKS you can grab free shipping on your order!  This week only. x

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Watch out

Up until now I've been using the Nike+ running app on my iphone and apart from a few glitches every now and then I've been pretty happy with it - especially how you can connect with other running friends and see who's run the most kilometres each month.  It's fun and allows you to connect with social media, share your runs and generally see all of your past runs.  Lots of nice graphics and good for the not insanely serious runner.

Having started this Hansons Marathon Method (recommended to me by the speedy and stylish Alice of Forestbound) I was really in need of something more to help me keep an eye on my pace.  A lot of people I know have Garmins but it's definitely quite a commitment of a buy - especially for your first one.  I wasn't too fussed about committing to a brand and storing all of my data, my main concern was starting with something that kept track of my pace and was relatively easy to use and not expensive so it was a nice coincidence when the nice people at Soleus sent me one of these Fit 1.0 GPS watches to try.

This particular watch averages about £90 which in my opinion is a fair price; good for someone who's never had a GPS watch before.

I've not completely left my iphone at home yet on my runs.  I have been using my Nike+ app alongside this watch, just to log my miles as to not creep back down the leaderboard against my online running buddies.  But as I've been listening to music less and less during my runs I've not had the Nike lady speaking in my ear telling me my pace per kilometre, instead I just run to the thoughts in my head and every now and then, glance down at my wrist to see my pace. (Does this mean I'm becoming a *real* runner?)

So, this watch.  On first impression - I really liked the packaging! Charging it was easy, through my usb port on my mac.  The first charge needed about 4 hours but after that it's only taken about an hour to charge from 0% to full.  And since having it about a month I think I've only charged it once or maybe twice.  Setting the time, date and other bits took a little bit of figuring out mainly because the instructions inside the box are very minimal but there are plenty of youtube instructional videos to show how to do this.  Going for my first few runs as a complete newbie GPS watch wearer I didn't understand that I just had to stand outside and hold my watch still to zoom into the satellite.  Once I figured this out it's easy and even some of the runs I did in France amongst farmers fields where sometimes the wi-fi and phone can be dodgy I had no problems getting signal on the watch.

It does what you need it to do - tells you your pace and mileage.  I must admit I'm used to my iphone's colour screen, self explanatory instructions and moron-proof interactive touch screen user experience. Going back to using a watch with four buttons, one which says 'light/save, one which says 'start/stop', one which says 'mode/exit' and one which says 'lap/enter' - is still baffling me and I'll be honest and say I've stood on my drive before a few runs just pressing random combinations of buttons until I get to the screen where I can just press 'start' and go on my run.  This could be because I've not done lots of online reading to figure it out and I've not tried any other GPS watches so I'm not sure if it's just me not being patient with the technology.  Other than that though I've enjoyed taking the step up to using a GPS watch.  My training plan contains some speed work and I'm already thinking it'd be cool to be able to setup specific speed sessions which I'm aware other more advanced watches do - but I think for investments like this there isn't any point in buying something until you realise what you need it for so unless you were wanting to do speed sessions, plot routes, etc this watch does everything you need it to do.  (Well, within reason... I still can't even get my fiancee to make me a brew some mornings so I don't like to ask too much of an inanimate object)

What technology do you use for running?  Now I am craving a cup of tea...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wedding gift idea (for mine, I'd like to be bloody left alone!)

I've been off radar for a little while; spent a very relaxing and peaceful week in France at Mom and Dad's, then have had a succession of wonderful girlfriends visiting - with another on her way this weekend.  While I try to handle wedding-related logistics in a cool and friendly (INSIDE I'M SHOUTING) manner I just wanted to show you some pics of the recent portraits I finished up and mailed out.  

If you're interested in a couple portrait, you can order them through my etsy shop.  The wait is currently about a week but if you enter the code SWEETCOUPLE you can grab £10 off the usual £50 price.  This coupon expires in one week so hurry hurry :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fumble no more

The nice people at y-fumble sent me one of these jazzy running armbands to try out.  I can honestly say it's real nice.  Compared to my previous iphone holder which had a velcro fasten and irritated my skin and often got loose after a while thus drooping further down my arm, these neat little armbands are soft and simple and keep everything in one place.  I've even had a few compliments on it!
 Fits my keys, phone, and some cards. Perfecto

Took mine to France with me last week for a few real sweaty runs.  I'm eyeing up all the nice colours they come in... I may need a yellow one. And a pink one. And maybe a blue one... (PS you can order them here.)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stocking stuff

Sometimes I forget to tell you about the shops that I work with.

Aside from selling through my etsy shop, a lot of my time is spent dealing with some pretty snazzy gift shops around the world.  I pack up cards, brooches, pocket mirrors, pillows and pocket manfriends and post them off to lovely little shops in Australia, America, Asia and here in the UK.

A couple of recent deliveries have gone to:

Pangaea in Nashville, TN.  USA.
Ghost Gallery in Seattle, WA
Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth
Chifferobe in Black Mountain, NC USA
Cushion & Cake in Glasgow's West End
Dear Doris in Penarth, Wales
Fig + Sparrow in the Northern Quarter, Manchester
Wholly Craft in Colombus, OH.  Good Golly Miss Molly in Exeter, Devon. KK Outlet in Hoxton, London
 Tenderproduct, London.  Metropolis Bookshop, Melbourne Australia. Pouch of Douglas, Essex

Have you seen my goods in a shop?  Have you seen a shop you want my goods to be sold in?  Did you know I reward TACO KITTY TOTES to anyone who a)Passes on my name to a gift shop (introduce me to them/them to me, and send me proof of your convo! If we hit it off, you'll get a taco tote. Simple as.)  b)Photograph a product of mine on the shelf of one of my stockists - and either post to twitter or facebook.  Yes, you will be REWARDED with a cool-as-ice taco kitty tote bag.  It's hardly any work at all! A more extensive list of my stockists can be found on my website.

A few other points of interest: I did a little chat with Kelly last week over on Girlstalktoboys blog.  My Czech Dog and other goodies were featured in dutch Days magazine as part of the May Goodie Goodness box.
And lastly any orders placed July 8-16 will be posted on or after July 16th.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

For checking nose hairs

Because I wouldn't want you going about your business with stray hairs, boogers or spinach in your facial vicinity. Oh and by the way there's an extra-spesh secret deal going down for these sweet mirrors, over on my tumblr. shhhh.