Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Berlin... day 1

I visited Berlin this month for a summit on small business and sustainability called Hello Etsy.  Well, I kind of made a rather long weekend out of a 1.5 day event... but 1.5 days is not enough time to eat many currywurst and boy do I like currywurst.  

As I'm still reeling from the amount of information, inspiration and awesomeness the weekend spewed at me I'm going to deliver my blogposts in bite sized chunks - for you to digest as I did.  So here we go.

Day 1, Thursday 

Since I was flying solo the anticipation and nerves leading up to my trip couldn't really be shared but turns out the journey from my flat in Manchester to my flat in Berlin was painless and actually rather enjoyable, and I refrained from peeing my pants in excitement.

Check out my sweet as a nut apartment.  (Can highly recommend Airbnb to find and book other sweet-as-a-nut apartments 'round the world)  

I spent the afternoon/evening of my first day with my new buddy Amanda (who is from Perth, via London. I know, right?!)  She pretends to be not good at sewing but she can sew these crazy complicated footstools and can out-beehive anyone's beehive.  

We found this totally rad button shop that was like something out of Harry Potter.  So organized.  Who'd have thought. 

And since I'm borderline neurotic I of course had mapped out all the nearest eateries which I had read about in the various districts of Berlin.  By early evening we were near enough to a burger joint I'd read about so although I'd polished off a bagel and cookie the size of my head just hours before, the thought of not visiting all the places I'd planned on visiting made me feel more sick than gobbling a big fat juicy burger.

Even on a full stomach, this burger was friggin tasty.  In fact, it was the tastiest burger, cheesiest cheesy fries and coldest beer I've ever consumed underneath a tube station in Berlin while listening to harmonious hip hop beats.  

Oh man now I need a burger. 


  1. Haha! I don't pretend to be not good at sewing, I just point out that what I make isn't at a level I'd be happy to sell just yet. Not the same! I actually have a picture with the button shop's name in it! I'm still getting through my photos, but I'll get them up somewhere soon.

    Mmm... burgers.

  2. i am jealous! but only a little, back to berlin in just under a week :) wheres the button shop please, looks amaze :)