Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love is in the air

I've been doing quite a few pocket lovebird commissions recently. These are they.

This one was for Emily Green who makes the most beautiful jewelry.  She is based in Melbourne Australia and she was having the pocket Lovebirds made for her real-life lovebird.  It was their anniversary.  ♥

These were the original pocket lovebirds - first ones ever made! A wedding gift for Toki and Mika getting married in Hong Kong this month.

Chris and Tempest, who have framed and hung theirs on the wall!

Ryan and Lisa, who are doing the long-distance thing... a gift for Lisa from Ryan. ♥

Piers and Liz... ahhh...they're cute.

If you're interested in a pocket lovebird set, you can order one from my shop - and then just message me with a nice clear photo of the people you would like lovebird-ing.  The pocket lovebirds usually take about one week from receipt of your photo to day of dispatch.