Friday, January 13, 2012

What I'm doing

So as promised here is an update of what I'm doing.  I can't believe (I can totally believe) I'm reading the same book I was reading in December (in June) but I am actually almost finished.  The cinnamon buns - they look good? I made them for my friend's birthday at the weekend, and we ate so many of them.  They were delicious.  It's Mary Berry's recipe and you'll have to get her book to get the recipe.  I've just tried almond milk for the first time and it's pretty nice.  Good on cereal and also in smoothies.  I'm also drinking a lot of nettle tea (as always) and some of the apple tea my grandma gave me for christmas.  And lastly I'm wishing my hair would chill the F out and that I could stop worrying about things that I know are going to be just fine.


  1. Almond milk for the first time!? WELCOME TO THE CLUB! It is so nice! AND and AND it works as an excellent substitute for milk while baking!