Wednesday, February 8, 2012

True Love

If you're looking for a non-crazy-psycho youtube video-way of expressing your feelings to the one you love next week (although I'm all for it) here are some ideas: 

1. You make me happy card From letterhappy
2. Coaster set from Arthouse Meath, £8
3. Coffee Mug by YouAreLove Creations, £12.90
4. Mouse patch from Hannah Zakari, £6
5. Black and White needlepoint loafer from By Paige, £128
6. Groundhog pinchpot from Tigerhead designs, £7
7.  Nice Goose print by Tosya, £9
8.  Something nice (pretty much everything is nice) from Santoki Vintage

Please be careful out there, Valentines Day can get pretty hard core... I for one am going to just stay in and watch tv or just go on the internet. (see you sentimental losers laterrr!)

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