Saturday, November 3, 2012

Various things

What to do with this stack of bad drawings?

(sorry my blog is so disjointed)
I have new Christmas cards to show you soon...

Time for a nap I think.


  1. I just found your shop and I love EVERYTHING in it! Already sent out a bunch of links to my friends with different items from your store. You are super talented!
    And now I found your blog and I'm following it :-)

  2. hallo nicola!
    found you through ana pina's interview series!
    you work is truly wonderful!
    so, nice to meet you!

    p.s. you could do a giveaway
    with this stack of (bad?) drawings!

    1. Hey, good idea... might have to do that...

  3. Hello!! Just stumbled across your blog (cannot remember how i got here, but well here i am!!!!) Your illustrations are just beautiful, beautiful!!! I love!! I could quite happily buy the lot - if money was no object lol. For now i am adding a stock pile to my insanely long xmas list xxxxx