Monday, March 25, 2013

Saving doggies with doggies

So I'm running my first marathon in TWO WEEKS time, yikes! Apart from getting my playlist in order (can't decide whether to go cheesy pop tunes, podcasts or just have naked ears and run with the crowd... anyone have any input on this?) and just resting up my legs until then, I think I'm as prepared as I'll ever be.  I've done my distance, improved my speed, kept in healthy condition and am stretching every day like it's my job.  The only thing I've kind of neglected in the run-up to the big day is my fundraising.

I'm sure other runners will agree that after a certain number of events, you start to get embarrassed asking people for money and likewise people start to get bored of not only you telling them about your various long distance events but asking them to sponsor you to run them.  I've not really done any fundraising since my one-mile swim last year; I think people knew how bad I was at swimming to start so I felt less guilty asking for sponsorship.

But as it's my first marathon I feel it's important to feel like I'm helping someone out - even if it's just a little - so in those last few miles of the run I can focus on the cause instead of my jello legs!

My charity this time is Rain Rescue, a very small organisation based in Yorkshire.  They help abandoned animals in crisis situations.  Because of them there are cats and dogs living happily in homes who may have otherwise been left in huge amounts of pain, or even dead.  I think it's a selfless and very kind job they are doing and feel like they could do with some support and recognition.

In order to get the ball rolling I've decided to offer my skills and products up in return for your donations.

  • A £5 donation will get you a special thank you pack including some kitty stickers and one of my new doggy cards.
  • A £10 donation will get you a special thank you pack including kitty stickers and an original dog drawing in pencil and ink.
  • And a £20 donation will get you an original custom doggy portrait of your pup, done in pencil and ink. You can send me an image of your pooch and I'll create a special original drawing for you to frame and hang in your home.

Along with donating to a good cause you'll have the knowledge that your support will have helped me get through those last few miles!

Please feel free to visit my fundraising page and get involved.  I'd also love it if you could help spread the word.  I know I've left it late but I'm sure we can rub our paws together and come up with something! (When you have made your donation, drop me an email with your address and name for me to get your thank you goodies in the post)


  1. How much should my donation be for a portrait of both my puppies together?

    Let me know!

  2. That's awesome! And hey, what stretching do you do? And you use a foam roller, right? How's that working out for you?

    1. Yep! I use a foam roller and also just spend loads of time stretching all the different parts of my legs. I know, such a meganerd but gotta look after them if you want em to work for you!! x

  3. Great idea! 20 pounds is roughly equivalent to $30. For a pet portrait, should I donate $30?

    1. Hey, yes that'd be great! And shoot me an email with your photo and postal address for me to send you your goodies. Thanks and speak soon x x