Friday, January 4, 2013

Work more, sweat more, and win cats

You made it through the first week back in the real world!  So did I! This calls for chicken hoagies.  Hope you're feeling the newness of the new year and enjoying laying down the law for hows it gonna roll in 2013. I'm making a conscious effort to make more bad drawings.  Here's one I did yesterday. 

Some good words to live by.

And in celebration of reaching 1,000 fans, a giveaway is happening on my facebook page.  Because I like you.  You can win a bumper pack of greeting cards, some rad stickers, a big cat print, a Ms Spanner print, a blue faces coaster, one of the original pocket girlfriends, a Motel California tea towel, an 'I love you so much I could fart' pocket mirror and two mini drawings.  What you can't win are my feet.  I need them!

Today involved 90 minutes of hot yoga at Bikram Yoga Manchester.  Hot damn it was good.  So sweaty and so good.  Yesterday started with a fresh early morning 3 mile run.  I'm alternating my Janathon updates between here and my instagram account so's not to get my blog too sweaty or my instagram feed too running-obsessed (you know I want to though.)

My Be Obscure tote bag showed up on the etsy front page this afternoon. Wowee!!

And lastly, there's a shiny new (she's shiny and colourful) runner on my running blog. If you'd like to contribute to We Do Run Run please get in touch!

Happy Friday to you. x

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