Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running, and family, and pain

Last year I setup a running blog called We Do Run Run mainly because I'm massively nosey and wanted to get all up in the whats-what of other runners and also because I loved finding out someone who I never suspected was into running, had a secret running hobby.  This illustration is from an interview I did with my pal Cat, this is her mantra when she's feeling the leg burn around mile 22 of a marathon.

If you've spent any amount of time with a runner you'll know that we're an obsessive bunch.  We place a lot of importance on minutes, hamstrings, protein sources, sock thickness.  We're constantly trying to find ways to get faster and better and if that means snooping on other peoples secrets of success then I thought why not start putting it in one place for others to hopefully gain from it as well.

The wonderful thing about We Do Run Run has been the web it's spun - each runner I've interviewed has linked me to a handful of other runners (generally via twitter) and this blog is coming to life as more than what it set out to be.  I'm now amongst a little community of runners from all over the world.  We chat PBs and running tights and blisters.

You see, runners by nature stick together - it's strange because from the outside, at a race, it seems we're all competing against each other.  But I'll let you in on a secret and it's that we're only competing against ourselves and we actually want everyone else to do super awesome as well.

I feel sad for all of those folks who trained for months and months and couldn't finish their race.  Sorry for your pain Boston, I feel it too. x

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