Monday, July 22, 2013

Wedding gift idea (for mine, I'd like to be bloody left alone!)

I've been off radar for a little while; spent a very relaxing and peaceful week in France at Mom and Dad's, then have had a succession of wonderful girlfriends visiting - with another on her way this weekend.  While I try to handle wedding-related logistics in a cool and friendly (INSIDE I'M SHOUTING) manner I just wanted to show you some pics of the recent portraits I finished up and mailed out.  

If you're interested in a couple portrait, you can order them through my etsy shop.  The wait is currently about a week but if you enter the code SWEETCOUPLE you can grab £10 off the usual £50 price.  This coupon expires in one week so hurry hurry :)


  1. thats totally cool. i would love to get a portrait like this of me and my boyfriend.

  2. These are an adorable idea. I LOVE the last one, with his beautiful sphynx cat. Pay day is fast approaching and I really want the set of your cat cushions! :) Hannah x

    1. treat yourself Hannah!! you deserve it :)