Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Accidental twenty miler

I got sent some neon Greeper Laces to try.  They're great for jazzing up an old pair of runners!

So today I'm feeling a little rusty and slow-moving.  I skipped my Sunday long (10 miles) run in favour of Bikram yoga and some hamstring TLC and decided instead to add Sunday & Monday's run together and go out for an 18 miler yesterday.  As we had the day off (well, being self employed that doesn't mean anything but Richard had the day off thus it felt like I should too) we decided to get up as Sparrow's Fart and seize the day.

Breakfast in us, we were both at the golf course for 9am.  Fortunately I had no plans to walk around hitting a silly little ball around on the grass - it was just a great starting point for my run.  Near Dunham Massey it's lovely and green and sometimes you can see deer in the park.

Well I got the job done.  It wasn't pretty though! I stopped to fix my hair, change my playlist, take my tank top off (It was so hot, I threw any prejudices I may have against people that run in just a sports bra out the window - and joined in.)  I stopped to take my compression sleeves off my calves.  My drink felt heavy in my hand and was giving me a stitch.  The battery on my phone was low so my music turned itself off halfway round.  It felt like I didn't really stop faffing around until around mile 13 so by the time I reached mile 18 and was slightly lost and realised I was around 2 miles from home I didn't really care anymore and just carried on.

So due to my messing around, handful of pitstops and time spent figuring out where I was my pace was shitty... I got round the 20 miles in 3 hrs 6 minutes... meh.

However, despite being a bit stiff today my legs haven't complained.  My feet are a bit achy, actually... but touch wood I'm proud of my limbs for doing what they do best and not wussying out on me.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Haha I'm a first-class faffer when I run too - spend far too long untangling/repositioning earphones, retying hair, pulling tops down/up/off, adjusting armbands/watch/sunglasses, stopping to stretch/cry. My legs aren't working at the moment as I climbed Ben Nevis and the descent killed my knees so can't run. I'm insanely jealous of anyone with working legs, including lovely ladies who bash out accidental faffy 20 milers. Well done!! x