Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sweet sweet greeting card subscriber deal

It's stocktake week here at my messy studio.  Funny how that falls directly in line with wedding-stress week, crazy anxiety week, and worlds messiest studio awards week.

Anyways while I try and get my shit together, here's something for you to feast your eyes upon.  For one week only I'm offering a special discount on yearly card subscriptions.  Normal price for these is £24 but use the code SUBSCRIBEME at checkout for an £8 discount, bringing the price down to just £16. Crazytown discount right there! This code expires in one week so grab this sweet deal while you can.

Oh and if you're unfamiliar with the greeting card subscription, how it works is this: you get four deliveries throughout the year.  Each delivery contains seven specially selected, seasonal cards and seven white envelopes.  It's perfect for those of you who forget to buy cards or can never find a good card when you need to buy one.

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