Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On recovery

As I ran a marathon on Sunday and the response from most friends and family yesterday was 'are you broken?' I thought I'd write some words on my recovery and the reasons why I'm not broken.

When I crossed the finish line I did feel broken.  My legs were fine - walking wasn't an issue - (it was an issue after Paris) - I just had to lie down on the grass for a little while and appreciate lying down on the grass (if you've run a marathon, you might agree - focusing on an ice cold can of coke or lying down on the grass can seriously get you through a good couple of miles.  When you finally get to do it, you really have to block out all distractions and just enjoy that lie down.) 

A cold can of coke, half a portion of chips and a chat with some of my (very friendly) fellow racers later, and I was fine.  We went for coffee and cake in a local cafe and drove back to Manchester.  

A massive plate of food and an early night really was the extent of my recovery procedure on Sunday. I must say I probably didn't stretch as much as I could've, mainly because I was insanely tired and once I was on the couch, I was on the couch.  

Yesterday I got up not knowing whether I'd be ok to walk - day after marathon legs are always a bit stiff.  But to my surprise, my legs did what they do best! Some stretching and a hot bath and I coordinated my outfit around my compression tights: 

I got sent these 2XU leg sleeves a while back and have been using them for after my long runs.  

They're like hugs for your legs.  

Do you run in compression wear?  I've used compression calf sleeves before, and I cannot get along with them.  They instantly make my legs tired when I'm running.  But compression wear after a long run? Yes please.  These ones go all the way up to just under your bum (and I have very long legs so they're definitely long enough) and they're made of special fabric that isn't sweaty or itchy.  It's soft and nice.  The fabric puts pressure on your legs and basically improves blood circulation and helps remove blood lactates for faster muscle repair.  And the nice bit about them is you can pop them on under a dress and noone knows. 

Now you see em
 Now you don't

I wore mine to bed once after my 20 mile training run.  Really lovely and cosy.  I've also worn them around the house with a pair of shorts.  I'm no scientist or physio so I can't tell you how much they work, but second to lying down on the grass and indulging in that ice cold can of coke, this recovery ritual is one I'd recommend.  

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  1. Oh you brave Woman well done you did it! I'll stick to my 10ks for now haha