Friday, January 10, 2014

Love life 2014

IT'S A NEW YEAR right? A chance to start over. We can pickup new hobbies and make plans and fill our planners and kick some bad habits and create some good habits.

I thought I'd pickout a few things that might inspire you while you're in a seizing-the-day kind of mood.

Send some thank you cards for all those nice gifts you got over the holidays.

Throw out some of your old coffee mugs and replace them with some new ones:

Call a few people you've not called in a long time and tell them they mean a lot to you.

Read! With a broken foot there is a distinct lack of running in my life and reading is totally filling that gap.  I'm currently tearing through The Fault in our Stars by John Green.  Have you got a good book recommendation? I'm on Goodreads - join!!  Here are some books I have lined up to read next.

Hopefully you're feeling inspired and excited about the year ahead in a non-going to the gym and doing a crazy detox-sort of way. Cuz staying home with your leg in a cast is wayyy cooler than doing exercise. 

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  1. Yes! A great collection for an inspiring new year. I broke my ankle one summer. It was waaayyyy cool having my leg propped up while all my friends were enjoying the heat, swimming and running around:)