Sunday, January 5, 2014

What a year!

A lot of things happened in 2013! I didn't realise how many things happened until I wrote it all down. 

Ok so we'll start with the bearded fellas. 
I made and sold over 500 pocket manfriends.

Over 1,000 people placed orders from my etsy shop.
I sold over 30 yards of fabric and 102 feet of wallpaper through Spoonflower to customers around the world.
Worked with some cool customers and clients on some amazing projects including:
Lots of custom pillows (Grumpy cat Cindy above)
Lots of custom portraits (Sara and her dawgs, below)
I was one of a team of three illustrators for a children's television programme called Let's Play.  I created backgrounds for characters to walk around in.

Other things that happened:
My boyfriend proposed to me and I cried and said yes and wore the ring on my middle finger because it was a bit too big
Ran my first marathon and smiled pretty much the whole way around:
Visited and booked the place we wanted to get married in the space of ten days

Spent a week at mom and dad's in France. So much blue sky. 
 Met my running internet pals in real life and turns out they are not internet paedos.
Wedding stress got the better of me and I cut my hair short in a moment of insanity/clarity.  Actually stress generally got the better of me and things got a bit bad.

Went away to France with five of my very best friends for a pre-wedding weekend (This is called a hen do by most normal people) of food and laughing and running and relaxing.  Got an extra surprise when my sister appeared, who I thought was still on the other side of the world in Asia.  I cried.  I always cry.

Turned 30 and celebrated by going to eat Nandos and ice cream.

Ran my second marathon and achieved my goal of doing it under 4 hours.

My mom came to visit and helped me and I went back to the doctors and things started getting better.

I acquired not one but two amazing interns this year who have helped me so much, packing orders folding tote bags and stuffing pillows not to mention keeping me company and making me smile.
Suzie and Caroline!

Survived planning a wedding and everything came together.
Was rewarded for all the wedding stress and anxiety with a weekend of family and friends which was absolutely perfect.  Found strength and support from friends and felt so much love towards my new husband.
I'm reluctant to put too many photos of our wedding on the internet but here is one! 

Went to Copenhagen for some time together and a chance to sleep, eat, and enjoy being married.

Spent Christmas in Harrogate and celebrated the New Year with a trip to A&E for an xray of my foot (which I hurt three weeks prior) only to find out I've been walking/running around on a fractured metatarsal.  A cast and crutches - perfect start to 2014!

Anyways.  Thank you if you've bought from me in 2013, if we've worked together, if our paths have crossed.  It's been pretty full-on! Here's to happiness and laughter and helping each other out and being there for each other when we most need someone.  Here's to success and achievement and family and love.


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  1. Spat coffee on my laptop at the bit about us not being internet paedos. It was absolutely lovely to spend a weekend with you, buy fabulous things from you and be non-paedo Twitter pals! I hope 2014 has loads more of the fantastic ups for you (that photo from your wedding is gorgeous!) and a lack of stress, even if the short hair really suits you- and that you're out of plaster and hitting us up with awesome running blogs again soon!xxx