Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Catch up

It's Wednesday and I'm finally back in my studio after a makeshift setup for a couple of weeks while we had some work done and our plug sockets were out of action.

I've also been on my travels here and there: Penarth, High Wycombe, Cork and Sheffield have all been visited recently.  I'm looking forward to some time settling into my new-old studio (it's had a little makeover and some new furniture) and enjoying a bit of the sunshine we've been lucky enough to receive this week.  Maybe I'll be lacing up my running shoes in the near future as well.  I'm so excited!

Speaking of running, have you seen the latest We Do Run Run posts?  I love meeting new people and finding out they are into running! Above are some portraits I did over Christmas of nice people I got to meet through the internet.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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