Monday, March 17, 2014

Don't sweat the small stuff.

You know and I know at least five brides who have had complete breakdowns over glass jars.  Or chair covers.  Or hay bales.  I'm not saying I didn't spend an unspeakable amount of time discussing glass jars with my sister - but if I could pass on an itsy bit of advice to anyone planning a wedding, it'd be to not sweat the little things.  We made a pretty special day and there was no theme or bizarre colour scheme and there were no hay bales.  I guess I'm lucky in having creative people around me - dishing out jobs so that there was space in my brain to think about other things really made for not just a lesser stressed out Nicola but most importantly our day was a reflection of us and the people we love. 

(This cake is PINK INSIDE. And lasted less than 24 hours.)

On the day before the wedding I threw together our table menus and order of service. Placenames by the wonderful Caroline Dowsett.  Cake by my most amazing sister in law Charlie Hackett.  Flowers chosen by me and a mad Irish bridesmaid two days before the wedding in a freezing cold flower wholesaler's fridge.  Glass jars, pretty necklaces and confetti by my sister.  Photos by our pal Stu. Smiles, memories, and Tom Petty: unforced, un-themed and just exactly how we wanted it.


  1. WOW! That looks AMAZING!! Perfect!!

  2. This is absolutely lovely- it looks like the perfect wedding!

  3. Nic this looks like it was such a gorgeous day!!! Just beautiful :) x