Monday, April 14, 2014


It's taken me almost six months to make my way through our wedding photos and I'm enjoying breaking it all down into tiny segments to show you.  Today: flowers!

Flowers are fun.  If you're planning a wedding or event, I can't advise you enough to go visit a flower wholesaler, choose some damn flowers you really like and just go for it.

For all of the stress I put myself through during the planning of our wedding one of the best memories I have is going with my best pal to this massive flower warehouse, freezing our butts off in this giant refrigerator room of flowers and loading a huge cart up with whatever we liked.  We chose cabbage flowers, wax flowers (they have tiny SQUARE flowers, we chose pink and white. They are like origami! How awesome are they!?) thistle (come on I was marrying a Murdoch) purple and red berries, protea, bright orange thistles, and a handlful of others I can't remember the names of unless I dig out my (very affordable) invoice.

We made bouquets for my five bridesmaids, buttonholes for the men and parents and filled around 20 jars and vases with flowers for the tables.

 We did all of the flower arranging over the course of two days and in the meantime kept the flowers in the cellar in water.

One small piece of advice: cabbage flowers and protea weigh an absolute tonne. Perhaps not ideal for bouquet-throwing florals!

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  1. wow just lovely!!! that's awesome you assembled your own bouquets :)