Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Such a shame

This morning we realised that my beautiful fixed gear bike has been stolen from under our noses.  It was either in our cellar or hallway and because I've not been riding it recently we don't know how long it's been gone for or when/how it was taken.  Richard built this bike for me, he sourced every part with care and taught himself how it all went together.  He researched suppliers and because he is a very particular man with an eye for detail the end product was a symbol of his love and character which is why I so proudly told anyone who asked about my bike 'My better half made it for me!'

I really hope karma comes back around for whoever took this special belonging of mine. It's so sad to think you have to lock things up in your own house... and very creepy to know someone walked off with something of ours while we were perhaps upstairs unknowingly feeling safe and harmless.


(By the way, if you see the bike around Manchester please feel free to let me know! I'd pay a reward for the return of my bike!)

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