Thursday, December 4, 2014

For your buddy

When it comes to Christmas shopping, buying for my friends and sister/sister-in-law is my favourite part... because you can basically just pretend you're shopping for yourself, and buy awesome stuff you'd usually not allow yourself to buy.  Here are a few things I've picked out on etsy to gift to my (self) friends...

Amazing scout-style merit badge from TheScoutProject 
Stacking ring holder bowls from MadgeDishes + Awesome painted pouch from emmyreis

Poppy phone covers from yours truly, of course

Pretty packaged soaps from HelloSoap
Constellation print from BranchandOlive
 Too early mug from Emily Mcdowell Draws + Beautiful scarves from Link collective

... and don't forget, if you've not shopped on etsy before you can use this link to get £5 towards your first purchase!

My other favourite thing to gift at the holidays are books.  Have you setup a Goodreads profile? It's a great way of keeping track of books you've read and books you've been recommended.  You can check my list of books I want to read here.

This year I'm actually trying to rebuild my collection of books I've read and leant out and never gotten back or lost. It's nice to have copies of your faves on the shelf.  Here are a few of my all time favourites that I think would make lovely gifts:

Other failsafe ideas: stripey socks, massive jars of coconut oil, beautiful manuka honey.  Licorice, special salt, coffee. You're welcome and happy holidays!



  1. Yay for supporting Etsy shops! I flippin' love TheScoutProject's badges; seriously considering buying something from her this Christmas to treat myself!

  2. Aaah! Thank you so much! I'm so flattered. I love your work -- huge major fan over here. xoxoxo