Monday, December 5, 2011

We're going global!

Goodness gracious, things have been busier than ever - and I mean ever!

November had me packing up a couple large orders... one was a large clan of pugs, kitty pillows and pocket manfriends who touched down at ThunderEgg HQ on Oldham St, Manchester.  They're now actually hanging out (literally hanging) in the window display, how awesome is that.  Here's a few pics of the furry friends before they left home!

I also now stock a selection of greeting cards at a few shops in Old Towne Orange, California.  Pretty exciting that my cards are going 'round the world all the way to southern California :)

I've also just recently topped up two of my absolutely fab stockists in Liverpool's Bluecoat, Nook & Cranny and Landbaby.  You can buy kitty pillows and original drawings at Nook and get your pockets loaded full of pocket manfriends at Landbaby.  Oh and while you're there check out the other artists work in both shops, because they are packed to the rafters with beautiful products and artwork.  

Now if you'll excuse me, my other half has drilled into a pipe in the kitchen floor this evening and although emergency panic stage has passed (I seriously almost pooped my pants) and we have a plumber on the case, it may take several hours for my heartrate to drop back down to anywhere near where it should be.  Ahem, please pass the gin. 

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