Friday, June 22, 2012

SWIM update

If you have been following my athletic activities online you may be aware I have been training to swim one mile as part of the Great North Swim.  Well due to horrendous weather the swim in Lake Windermere tomorrow has been cancelled.  Our B&B was booked, all potential fish that may be encountered had been googled, our picnic was just about to be packed, and near on everyone had wished me good luck - when I got a call to say it had been called off.  SO gutted.

So after a little sulking and cursing the British weather (pointless) I have bagged a spot at the Great Manchester Swim in Salford Quays for next Sunday instead.  Still bummed out that I won't be doing my mile in a picturesque lake but already looking forward to the atmosphere that will no doubt be fantastic in Manchester - and it means I can squeeze in a little more training - and fundraising - in the meantime!

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