Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Occupational hazards

A quick update on this sunny Wednesday morning.  I've not been running much because I fell down the stairs (doh!) and have a very swollen left foot that isn't broken but definitely doesn't want to be walked on let alone used for running.  Do you know why I fell down the stairs? Because I was rushing to answer the door to a courier delivering a 7kg bag of poly stuffing... on a Sunday!  Serves me right for working on a Sunday I guess.  

Anyways... I've been doing lots of pet portraits recently.  Here's one of them, framed up:

I also recently treated my little studio to a supercool sofa and it's suddenly starting to feel like a real studio. Somewhere for all the pillows to hang out.  And speaking of pillows and polystuffing, there is a brand new one today! For bike lovers.

And don't fret there's also a mini one to hang on your tree.
We put our tree up at the weekend.  Bring on the madness!

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