Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Running and gangsters and cake

Hello! It's Tuesday.  Yesterday's errands and drawing and making vegetarian chilli didn't really count as exercise so in the spirit of Janathon I did some crunches and thigh work (while the Simpsons was on the tv...) last night.  It was a 'rest day' on my marathon training plan and as I had done 9 miles on Sunday with run club I felt I owed my legs a day off.  But hey my 100 crunches must count for something.  Especially since my taco kitty tote bag was featured in the 'treat yo self' etsy newseletter (ayyy!!!) on Sunday and I was feeling in the spirit.

Today I spent the morning packing up orders and listening to UhhYeahDude.

Did you see my illustration for issue 105 (December 2012) of Whitelines Magazine?  This is it:

These cats sold out over Christmas.  This week calls for some sewing and stuffing (and maybe some cake.)

Run club again tonight.  My legs are ready.

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  1. love your designs and well done on your Janathoning