Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kenneth gets around!

Had a lovely surprise the other morning when the postman brought me a copy of 101 Woonideeen, an awesome Dutch interiors magazine who have featured my pocket manfriends.

Ain't he handsome.  So brave, being there on the products page with all of the other cool things to buy.  Although I can't read it, the rest of the magazine is super pretty and has loads of awesome ideas and things to buy.

In my haste to find the products section I flicked through the magazine and found my beardy man and got distracted by all of the lovely things.  And then went on to ask google translate to tell me what the (real nice) writeup said about my pocket fellas.

So it came as even more of a surprise yesterday when I went to photograph the magazine, I flipped open to the very first page and saw another photo of Kenneth staring back at me.  Seems this charming guy couldn't help but hang out on the same page as the letter from the editor! Saweeeeeeeeet!!

So ain't I lucky having my pocket manfriends not once but twice in one awesome magazine.  It's a great day!