Monday, January 21, 2013

Which one of you party animals has run 100km so far this month?

OH HAY.   I see you there standing around waiting for me to write another garbage blogpost.  Well here it is, my friend - sit back and get this in you.  (Be warned, I will talk garbage and there will likely be unicorns.)

Where did we leave things? Ah yes, I remember.  We were on the topic of unicorns.  Of course!

You can now in fact buy mini unicorn drawings in my etsy shop.  Funny, hey.  (not funny at all really.)

I have been doing a month of activities, as you may know.  If you'd like an update on my athletic movements since my last post, it looks something like this: Thursday, I ran 3 miles and swam 900 metres.  Friday I did a pathetic 200 crunches.  Saturday I ran 5 miles and Sunday I ran 14 miles.  YEA, I DID.

(token photo of clean hair to prove I do actually sometimes wear things other than dri-fit and lycra and sometimes even wash my hair)  (but it's not that often.)

Back to running related matters:  I've setup a fundraising page for my marathon, as it's happening in April.  I'm raising money for a small charity based in Yorkshire who work their buns off to help dogs and cats in crisis situations.  If you'd like to donate, you can click over to my page.  This babe has volunteered to kiss every person that donates.  Wow! Thanks, hot babe.

Speaking of displays of affection, a Malaysian-based online magazine wrote some words about moi today. Gahh people being all nice and stuff.

Ah yes and lastly we went to see Django Unchained on Saturday night - have you seen it? It's brilliant. There are numerous amazing coats worn and a spectacularly dashing black man in a cowboy hat.

Bye 4 now, friends!  (Ps: the answer to the question in my blog title is: ME) ok bye

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  1. I LOVE YOUR HAIRS. Also, I think Jay would like Django Unchained, I'm not so sure as Tarantino is a little bit violent for my liking, but I'd probably cope okay. But first I have to see that miserable film everyone's been on about.