Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A crazy 15 miles and some (more) unicorns

I went on a 15 mile run on Monday.  It was freaking crazy! When I left the house it was cold and I had put off my run until about 3pm so the blue skies which were around in the morning had clouded over.  For some reason I was just not (not at all) looking forward to the run.  I started in Didsbury Village after dropping off some orders at the Post Office and limbering up at the counter (not kidding, I totally did all my stretches at the post office, sorted out my Spotify/nike+ app, got all my shit together to start...  house key in tiny trouser pocket, remove cap from drink bottle, headband on - takes a while to get everything just right!) I ran up through Fallowfield and upon mile 2 my thumbs were in serious pain from the cold and I had to take a  quick pit stop in the supermarket to thaw them out.  

I carried on up into town and at mile 5 it had started snowing like crazy and at some points I couldn't see where I was going.  Partly because of the snow and partly because I was trying to see the road I knew I had to turn down, around mile 6 I tripped over a curb and faceplanted on the sidewalk.  No damage done and to my knowledge no one saw me, so I picked up and carried on. 

I was thinking how good the run was feeling at mile 13 when I caught my foot on a spikey gorse branch and sliced open my ankle - which then proceeded to bleed into my shoe for the remaining two miles!  

I finished at Tescos and bought loads of food, got some funny looks as by then my knee was also bleeding from my sidewalk incident, and got the bus back home to stretch, eat, take a hot bath and spray stain remover to my blood-stained trousers, socks and shoes! It was an awesome run though, kept up a great pace and actually had Paula Radcliffe telling me on my Nike+ app that I'd run my fastest half marathon ever at 1 hour 53 mins.  

If you're considering starting running, DO IT.  I can't tell you enough how brilliant it is, how good you will feel, and how much fun you can have - just by yourself! 

Anyways, completely off topic, I forgot to show you two new tea towels I added to my etsy shop last week.  I've gotten somewhat carried away with Unicorns lately...

I am also currently doing a BUY TWO GET ONE FREE offer in my etsy shop, running today and tomorrow March 13/14. It applies to all pillows, cards, mirrors and manfriends. Get your paws on some cool stuff!!!


  1. Hey Nicola, you're badass! Can I be as cool as you when I grow up?

    1. haha! I'd like to be badass when I grow up as well.

  2. You are now officially my hero. Having faceplanted myself on a run and gotten back up to finish it, I feel your pain. but TWICE and in the SNOW - I am not worthy!