Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chiens sur les cartes

Within the last 12 months my ma and pa have bought a house in the north of France, sold their house in the Midlands, moved into a tiny rental to host upwards of ten guests over Christmas, sold many belongings and a car, packed remaining belongings including fat cat onto a ferry sailing across the channel to France, been given a fish pie upon arrival, planted a vegetable garden and took ownership of a ride-on lawn mower, setup a website for their new business and made friends with and eaten with all of the neighbours in the entire surrounding region.  Within their first 3 months of living in France my mom has moved up a level in french class and had her haircut - speaking to hairdressers is difficult enough in english so I was impressed when I saw her snazzy haircut was nothing short of exactly how it should be. Impressive, huh?

With two gites quickly booking up for the summer, mom wanted something to post out to the guests with info about their stay - you know, where the best places are to buy bulk wine, eat oysters that won't give you the shits and how to say 'can you cut my hair like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail' in french.  She asked for some french-style dogs, and as I ended up getting carried away drawing dogs (easily done) she is going to also have some for guests to buy and I've had some printed up to sell through my etsy shop. I'm going to be selling them as individual cards, or as a pack of 5.  

PS If you are interested in renting a gite in Brittany, click over to their website.  I know I'm biased but they are darn good hosts.  Mom's recently made a massive batch of seville orange marmalade and my Dad might even let you look at his ride-on mower if you're lucky.