Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Doris

I have been working with Dear Doris shop, an amazing little boutique in Penarth, Wales.  Debbie stocks my Pocket Manfriends, tote bags, brooches, prints and cards and she is just super nice and makes my job something I'm proud of.  This week Debbie's shop has been featured in Cardiff Life magazine.  I'm super chuffed that the colourful double page spread shows my pocket manfriends on the counter, my totes hanging out on her wall and my brooches on display as well.  So stoked to be in store alongside Donna Wilson, Gemma Correll and other amaze-balls designers! Debbie's just joined twitter, go have a look at her pretty twitter profile - I designed the background pattern for her twitter as well as her logo/branding.

She's got some pretty Dear Doris stickers that she uses on her packaging which I sorted for her, these are they:
and I also designed her extra special business cards and gift certificates (not pictured - you'll have to be lucky enough to receive one to see one!)


  1. those business cards are adorable!

  2. I love everything at Dear Doris & have had loads of compliments on my lovely emerald green satchel. Alison