Monday, June 10, 2013

Ups and downs but mostly ups.

Yeah Yeah Yeah I'm late again on this blogging thing, whatever.

A month or so ago I made up this cootie cat tank top.  I also have a cream coloured one available too.  I thought it might be good for running in.  If you're interested it's available through my etsy shop.

So on Friday I started feeling down in the afternoon and in effort to try and make it all better I started an NTC workout but it didn't work and there were tears and turns out I needed some beer, tortilla chips and fish tacos - they work much better it seems - alongside seeing some good pals my worries faded away into nothing.

I made up for my 10 minutes-worth of Friday exercise on Saturday morning though.  My run club buddies met up at Parkrun for a team effort and the competition really got my ass into gear.  Two of the male runners who I'd class as my kind of pace - one of them was in front of me the whole time so I was trying to catch up with him - and the other was behind me the whole way around.  The guy behind me is usually faster than me so when he caught me at 4k I thought, I'm not having this! So I didn't let him get past and smoked him on the last kilometer.  I bagged a pb, shaving 25 seconds off my previous time, but was mostly just super super chuffed to have beaten Mark.  And the nicest thing about it was that he was chuffed for me! Ahh. Don't you just love runners?

From Parkrun I got my butt to Salford Quays for a dip, just did 800m as it was towards the end of the morning swim time - but it was perfect. Super sunny and lovely.

Brekkie to go // New 5k PB! // Salford Swim

Saturday turned out to continue with awesomeness. Trying on wedding dresses, eating bagels and cake and being in the sunshine.  Happy happy.

Saturday Caturday. Meow


  1. I always fancied a swim in Salford Quays when I lived in Manchester (Chorlton) a couple of years ago but never got round to it! Well done.

  2. It's great to read about how you cheered yourself up at the weekend - sounds like a great mix of activities! Do you recommend any particular NTC workouts? I did the Gabby Douglas one last week but have only tried the stretching ones apart from that so far.

  3. fantastic time, good to have the competition!