Monday, May 27, 2013

Etsy does run gear

I'm a massive Etsy advocate - mainly because it's where I make my living and how I pay my bills but in all honesty I do most of my shopping on Etsy nowadays.  There is an absolute goldmine of awesome products to be found with amazing, creative people behind the products ready to answer any questions and help make your shopping experience a personal and enjoyable one.  

Because it's pretty much summer and I'm getting excited about my marathon training which starts next week I wanted to point out some of the awesome kit that can be found on etsy.   So much rad stuff, I may have to treat myself to a few new additions to my running wardrobe.  

After all, money spent on health and fitness is spent guilt-free.  Girl's gotta look good when she be sweating.  


  1. Amazing finds! I never think to go onto Etsy. I really should get the Murakami quote to stop me slipping into self pity mode while I can't run. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Yes, agreed with runmummy! Need that quote. In fact, I need that book!!! Will have to do more shopping now...byeee!