Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sunday Funday

It's a good thing that I'm starting marathon training on Thursday because otherwise my marathon fuelling and non-marathon distances are in danger of putting some serious weight on this bod!

A very lazy (yet at a good pace, I must say) 3 mile run to Tesco began my Sunday, after a large bowl of muesli  + peanut butter.  I returned home with a backbreaking consignment of groceries and continued to spritz the kitchen in a post-exercise rampage.  Activities included Fridge Management and Store Cupboard Rationalisation which lead to making a lentil dahl with all the bags of beans I had in the cupboard and a buckwheat granola with all the random seeds and shit I found.  I also mopped the kitchen floor, rinsed my wetsuit, (ahem, from Saturday's swim. Oopsies.) baking soda'd my engagement ring, bleached the bin and took out all the recycling.  It was probably the most productive Sunday in the history of Sundays, ever.

Grocery lifting is good for bingo wings // Getting my jars in order

Buckwheat Granola from OhSheGlows blog // Green Monster for breakfast on Monday morning - YUM


  1. Mmm, buckwheat granola sounds good! Gonna give that a try. I'm also 2 days behind with my Juneathonning! Nevermind eh?

  2. Cool, I need me some of these jars. What's a green monster?