Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A bike ride and a cat

Right so I'm a few days behind on my blog but things got busy!

On Monday I did my errands on my bicycle.  If you're wearing a dress, does cycling 4 miles count as anything? Probably not, but it's a mode of transport where I don't have to breathe strangers farts so I support it.

I also spent a part of my afternoon packing loads of orders as well as stuffing and sewing up a custom cat pillow which is going to live in Dubai.  Meet the grumpy Molly B.

 And here she is hanging with the other guys.
Custom pet pillows can be ordered through my etsy shop or just drop me a message through the form on my website!


  1. You could be passive fart breathing and not realise it! It's possible :)

  2. Love your bike. And this cushion - she looks pretty grumpy to me! Farts and kisses xo

    1. Thanks, my man made it for me! The bike, that is. I made the cushion.