Thursday, June 6, 2013

Taco cat, running, eggs. All good things.

Most importantly, 
the Taco Kitty Canvas Tote is now reduced to just £9 as it's being discontinued.  Get your freaking paws on one before it's too late.

That out of the way, my Juneathon efforts as follows:

Tuesday was run club and boy was it run club.  We did a 30 minute continuous fast paced loop near Chorlton Water Park that consists of some mean hills and some horrendous gradual inclines.  I'll just say there were two new starters (we have a 'new starter' almost every week) and they snuck off halfway through! Then we followed with 10 x hill reps and 6 x 30 second efforts with 30 second recovery.

Wednesday (yesterday) I basically did my (4 miles worth of) errands on my bike again.  I wasn't wearing lycra and I wasn't really sweating but I also wasn't being subjected to open sores and ear dandruff on a 143 Stagecoach so Wednesday's activity was ultimately a success in my opinion.

Also, O to the M to the G on the scrambled egg sandwich situation.

And this morning started with a 3.7 mile run - nice start to the day.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with Breaking Bad and some sweet & sour chicken.

PS: those of you who asked about running tote bags, they should be available to order again next week. Thanks so much for your nice feedback on the bags, super stoked that they went down well!


  1. Yay for new tote bags! I think I'm buying one for my new shoes and stuff!

  2. A scrambled egg sandwich? WHY did I not think of this? *scampers off to fridge for eggs and a pitta bread*