Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Originally I thought it would be silly to have bridesmaids.
I didn't want anything fussy or over the top or too weddingy.
But then I quickly remembered that I'm pretty unsociable and live the life of a hermit most of the time so by roping five of my very best womanfriends into the whole process I knew I was guaranteed to have someone there for me for every panicking moment, every minor stress, and every dumb question I had to answer up until and during the moment I walked down the aisle.  (Believe it or not it's very difficult to remember how old you are when the registrar asks you right before you're about to get married)

Here are the little packages I created for my golden girls back in June, when I decided to ask them to be in the wedding gang.  The wishbone necklaces are made in San Francisco by Astrid.  I had seen the necklaces ages ago and knew they would be the perfect thing for the occasion.  Attached to the necklace is an African cowrie shell which is a symbol of luck and prosperity.  In each pack I included a photo of me and my girl and wrote some words asking them to be a bridesmaid.

They all said yes, fortunately.

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