Friday, December 13, 2013

Canines and kitties and where you can buy them

So excited to be supplying Manchester's Fig + Sparrow with these holiday card packs this year.  If you're stuck for present ideas go and have a browse at their lovely selection of goods, you won't be disappointed! 

And on the subject of dog and cat themed products, here are a few other items I've not mentioned: 

Border terrier ornaments sold out very quickly! Here they are looking all cute and stuff: 
Custom pillows.  Get an illustration of your dog on a pillow. Order directly through my etsy shop. Here's Ron the bulldog, I finished this one recently. 
In November I posted out a big delivery of cat and dog stickers to Matchbox Studios in Wellington, New Zealand.  Here's a pic I took while I was at work bagging them up.  

And a new kitty pillow. He's pretty shocked, to be on a pillow. As you can see. Available to buy through my etsy as well.

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