Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Four years ago we took a trip to the West Coast USA, starting in San Francisco and following highway 1 south to LA.  Although we had made a ton of notes of food places we wanted to visit and had a general idea of our route and despite having our cabins booked in Yosemite and our final accomodation for our time in LA arranged, we didn't book anywhere to stay in between.  We were winging it.

It was a test of how two humans can react in very trying conditions... when donuts are in the plans but no donut purveyor in sight for miles and miles.  When faced with a wall-sized menu of slow roasted meats, what does one do but order one of each.  And in preparation for a day's walking up to the top of yosemite falls, it's important to make full use of the breakfast buffet and create not one but three generous breakfast burritos, two bagels and pop a danish in your bag for the walk.  (are you hungry yet? I am.)

In all seriousness it was one of those trips that required a bit more thinking on the spot than your normal vacation - especially as we hadn't arranged any accommodation.

Despite kinda secretly enjoying the tackiness of some of the motels we found if we had known then about airbnb we may have booked more places through them.  Airbnb are offering £15 for your first stay through this link.  We use it almost every time we go away - staying in an apartment is so much more enjoyable than a hotel most of the time, and much more affordable too!

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