Friday, May 23, 2014

Dope Dad

It's almost Dad's day. June 15 don't forget to get something in the mail soon!

Here are some ideas in case you've overdone it on socks.

1. A postcard that doubles up as frame-able artwork. For sure!!

2.  You can totally buy cheese on Amazon.  And meat.  And beer. Can't go wrong really?
3.  Grab something handmade and beautiful from etsy.  I've even got £5 of credit for you to spend towards any purchase!  Go ahead and spend it!

4.  Don't forget a card!
5.  And if all else fails...
Because I'm partial to a stripey sock I can't see anything wrong with renewing last year's gift.  Have had these American Apparel ones before and they're brilliant quality. 

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