Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Going on seven months

Seven months have flown by since our wedding day and apart from wishing I'd recorded the actual speeches either via video or just sound recording, my brain has created a montage of moments which are the closest to a wedding video I'll ever have.  (And hearing from people who have watched wedding videos from 10 years ago, it's probably for the best!)

There's certain moments from the day that stand out, as I'm sure anyone who has gotten married will agree... moments that you never planned to happen or anticipated happening - and certain moments which I didn't get to witness but knowing that they happened make me smile... because hopefully they added to someone else's memory video for the day.

I made these handkerchiefs for my Mom and for Richard's Mom, for them to receive in the morning of the wedding day.  The mother-in-law hanky was delivered to her hotel and my mom's went in the taxi with my bridesmaids for her to open on her way to the Town Hall.  I can confirm both hankies brought on happy tears - result :)

Because these were tried and tested by my nearest and dearest, I have since started making these hankies available through my etsy shop and Not on the High Street account - and I must say they've been very popular.

Do your wedding memory montage a favour and add some happy tears!

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