Monday, January 9, 2012


November and December happened rather quickly.  Some things happened, I'm not entirely sure in what order, but I'm pretty sure it all ended good.

Pined after ankle boots and felt useless during a few kitchen floor DIY emergencies.

Had my packaging printed on a lovely matt card, an upgrade from the flimsy paper packaging I was using.

Used a tacky christmas mug.  Made some moustaches on sticks for my friend's birthday party.  Drank some cocktails.

And finally, after weeks of 6am starts, postoffice runs, bubblewrap stock reordering and email inbox overload December 22nd popped up and it was time to close my laptop pack up my boyfriend's Mark 1 golf and drive across to Harrogate singing about ham egg and chips.

Had such a good break (this is me in Northumberland walking on the coast on new years eve.  It was windy but beautiful and the sky was so blue) that it has taken me a week to adjust to this whole getting up early thing again.  I think I'm almost there, just bear with me!  Lots of exciting things planned for this year.  Let's do this! x

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