Monday, March 4, 2013

My legs and my pens

Hey ho buddies! February sprinted past hey - and it seems I've made my way up to the double digits in my training plan.  Yesterday I ran 20 miles in Stockport.  The last mile was sore on my hips but to be honest it was a really great run.  I've been suffering with some problems in my leg the past few weeks - I thought it was IT band issues which it kind of was but the ultimate problem was tight hamstrings.  I saw a physio twice and her magic fingers and clever knowledge of muscles got me out of the painful spot I was in and back on the road again.  Turns out I wasn't stretching enough after my long runs and my leg had really tightened up, causing me to run weirdly and feel terrible pain down the front of my shins.  So yes, all good now! Loads of stretching after yesterday's run, tons of foam rollering and lots of re-fuelling.  And hopefully lots of sleep (I find it difficult to snooze after a long run. Anyone else get this?) tonight.

I got my third pair of new shoes in the space of a month. These are just the best though - it took me a while to nail down which ones were right but lesson learned stick with what you know... Nike Lunar Forever same as my old pair - they do the job!

Turns out some time spent resting meant I could do some much needed drawing last night.  Maybe running is the perfect medicine for a self-employed illustrator who spends more time with excel spreadsheets than with her pens?

Anyways in case you want to read an interview of me talking some crap click over to the DEREK shop website, they asked me some questions last week. I'm off now to go cook some bean burgers and most likely talk some more crap.

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